Declaration Form

Declaring Personal Property

Shortly after the first of each calendar year our office will mail a Personal Property Declaration Form itemizing all the assets that were previously reported. If you are a new owner of a rental residence, a new owner of an existing business, or have opened a new business in Summit County, please contact our office and we will gladly send you the declaration form.

The statutory Personal Property Declaration form cannot be e-filed, but you may submit your information via email, as well as by mail or in person. A spreadsheet sent via email is our preferred method.

If not using the Personal Property Declaration Form, please provide the following information:

  • Asset description, year acquired, original installed cost new or cost used (per item), and quantity
  • Owner Name and Mailing Address
  • Physical location of the business or residential rental
Note: If you do not know the exact cost or year, you may provide your best estimate of what the item may have cost in a used furniture store or business supply outlet - a comparison to garage sale prices is not an accurate representation of true market value.


To file via regular mail (USPS delivery) you MUST use our post office box:

P.O. Box 276

Breckenridge, CO 80424-0276

To file in person or using an alternate shipping method:

208 E. Lincoln Ave.

Breckenridge, CO 80424

[email protected]

All information must be submitted by April 15th to insure timely filing and the avoidance of late fees. You will be notified of the assessor’s determination of value by June 15th.