Candidates & Parties

This page serves as a resource for political parties and/or those interested in running for office.  For information regarding candidates and parties on ballots, voters must research on their own or contact that candidate's political party.
Voter Lists
Voter List Requests
Requests for voter lists (publicly available information only) can be retrieved through filling out the Voter List Request Form and e-mailing the form to: [email protected]  There is a cost to obtaining Voter Lists, pricing details are listed on the form.
Precinct Map
Precinct Map
Candidate Information
Interested in Running for Office?

Contact the Town Clerk or Special District directly for candidacy and measure information.  Summit County Clerk & Recorder provides limited support to local governmental entities, but does not issue ballots or conduct their elections.


County Elected Official positions include:

  • Assessor
  • Clerk & Recorder
  • Commissioner (BOCC Districts 1, 2 and 3 - voted in at-large)
  • Coroner
  • Sheriff
  • Treasurer/Public Trustee
If you are interested in running for one of these positions, contact Clerk & Recorder Taryn Power directly for an informational packet. E-mail: taryn.[email protected] or Call: (970) 453-3471


State and Federal candidates can obtain ballot access information from the Colorado Secretary of State and Federal Election Commission.


As defined by Colorado statute, the term “electioneering” includes campaigning for or against any candidate and/or issue that is on the ballot. “Electioneering” also includes soliciting signatures for a candidate petition, a recall petition or a petition to place a ballot issue or ballot question on a subsequent ballot.  According to Colorado Revised Statutes, no electioneering may take place within a 100-foot limit of any polling place, vote center or early voting site (C.R.S. 1-13-714). This includes any location in which ballots are on site.


Precinct Caucuses
Precinct Caucus Information
The Summit County Clerk & Recorder’s Office does not conduct the precinct caucuses nor the delegate selection process.  The caucuses are conducted by the political parties.

Contact your local political party for additional information and please see the Secretary of State Caucuses, Assemblies and Conventions FAQs for more information on the process.
What is a precinct caucus?
In each even-numbered year, the major political parties in Colorado hold their precinct caucuses on the first Tuesday in March.  A precinct caucus is a neighborhood meeting conducted by the political parties, where affiliated voters may get involved in selecting delegates for their party’s County and State Assemblies.  Precinct Committee persons are also elected at the precinct caucus.
Unaffiliated Voters
There are Primary Elections in even years in Colorado.  Since the passing of Proposition 108 in the 2016 General Election, Unaffiliated voters can now vote in a primary election without changing their affiliation status. If you are an unaffiliated voter, you can either declare a ballot preference on your voter registration record or you will be sent ballots for all parties conducting a primary election.  However, you can only vote and return one party’s ballot.  If you vote and return multiple ballots, none of your votes will be counted.  Caucus is a completely separate process and voters still need to be affiliated with the party to participate.
Who may participate in caucus and what are the deadlines?
To vote in a precinct caucus an elector must be:

  • Affiliation Deadline: Registered to vote and affiliated with the party no later than 22 days prior to the Caucuses - C.R.S. 1-3-101(1) )
  • Residential Address Deadline: If you have moved, you must have updated your residential address no later than 22 days prior to the Caucuses - C.R.S. 1-3-101(1)
Exception:  If you turn 18 or become a U.S. citizen during the two-month period prior to the caucuses AND register to vote prior to the day of the caucuses, you may participate in the caucuses of the party you affiliated with when you registered.
How do I find out where my party's caucus is?
Please contact your political party for information on local precinct caucus locations.
How do I know what precinct I am in?
You can find your precinct number, by looking up your registration at, looking up your address on the Interactive Election Map, or contacting the Summit County Elections Division.
Political Parties
Political Parties
To get in touch with a registered Major or Minor Political Party in Colorado, visit the Colorado Secretary of State's Political Party Directory to find a local Summit County chapter.