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Find information below about searching and requesting records. 
Request Records
For Businesses
Business/Commercial Entities:

  • This option is  for commercial entities of any kind, including but not limited to: real estate office, law firm, lending institution, bank, property management firm, title company, etc., seeking copies of recorded documents.

Copies of Recorded Documents:

  • County staff do not fulfill recorded document requests for commercial entities
  • Here is how to find recorded documents:
    • contains documents 1990-previous business day
      • Searchable by Grantor/Grantee, index and images without watermarks
      • Paywall: $15.00 for 24-hour access, $275.00 for monthly unlimited access
  • Contact a title searcher to assist you for anything prior to 1990
  • 3 free search terminals are available during business hours
Release of Deed of Trust Requests:

Because Releases are generally filed electronically by the Summit County Public Trustee, commercial and individual requests may email [email protected] for a copy of a recorded Release of Deed of Trust after the Public Trustee has signed/sealed/sent it to the Clerk & Recorder.  Release copies will be provided free of charge.
For Individuals
Individuals/Personal Trusts:

  • This option is for if you are an individual person seeking copies of recorded documents for your own property.

Title or Lien Status of Your Property:

  • County staff will refer you to a title searcher
Blank Forms, Corrections, & Preparation of Documents:

  • Once a document is recorded, it is permanent.  A corrective document with reference to the original document's reception number is required to correct a document mistakenly recorded by the submitter.
  • County staff do not assist with property transfer transactions.  County staff will refer requestors to a title company or real estate attorney.
  • Blank forms are not provided by the Clerk's Office.
Quick Courtesy Copy of Your Deed or Release of Deed of Trust:

  • If you simply need a copy of your recorded deed, or proof of payment of a mortgage, email [email protected]
  • Please give staff at least 24 hours to respond
Can't Wait?  Want to Search Yourself?

  • ($15.00 for 24-hour access, 1990-previous business day)
    • All plats are available regardless of recording date
    • Need tech support with the site?  Having technical trouble with, need assistance creating an account, or have a billing question?  Email iCounty Support for technical assistance with their website, their email address is listed here.
  • 3 search terminals available during business hours free of charge to access all digitized recorded documents