Building Permits

Permits are required for all new construction, alterations, and remodels. Every project is unique, so there is no standard group of permits required. Below is a list of commonly required permits that may be applicable to your project.

Building Permit

  • Building Permit - A building permit authorizes construction of the foundation system, framing and carpentry of the overall building, and exterior and interior finish work. Decks and guard replacements require building permits. Building Permit Application, Building Permit Application Writable PDF
  • Park Home Permit -   Park Home installers are responsible for ensuring that all code requirements are met. A permit is required prior to delivery and installation of a Mobile Home to an approved location. Park Home Permit.
  • Hot tub Permit - This is required for the installation of a stand-alone hot tub not associated with an existing building permit. An electrical permit is also required. See hot tub installation requirements for residential property and hot tub installation-commercial for commercial property.
    • Properties on Well: Water augmentation may be required to fill an outdoor hot tub with water.  Confirmation of adequate water rights is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Please contact the Colorado Division of Water Resource-Ground Water Information Desk at 303-866-3587 for further information. Information can also be found on the Manager's Page
  • Window Permit - This is required for the replacement of windows, not associated with an existing building permit.  No plans required if window replacement is like for like and non structural.  Plan review is required for commercial window replacement.  
 Get info on Window replacement requirements IRC, Window replacement requirements IBC.  Window Permit Application (pdf)

Technical Permits

Some technical permits require plan review. Contact the Building Inspection Department to determine whether plan review is required for your project. Technical Permit Application, Technical Permit Application Writeable (pdf)

Plumbing Permit: A plumbing permit authorizes installation of drain, waste and vent piping; potable water piping; fuel gas piping; and plumbing appliances and fixtures.
Mechanical Permit: A mechanical permit authorizes installation of furnaces and ducts, boilers and circulation piping, and exhaust fans and ducts.
Fireplace Permit: This permit is required for the installation of a gas fireplace, wood stove or outdoor fire pit. Get info on approved wood-burning devices.
Electrical Permit: An electrical permit authorizes installation of wiring, receptacles, switches, light fixtures, electrical equipment, fixed-in-place appliances and connection of these systems to utility service.
Temporary Power: A separate electrical construction meter permit is required if a temporary electrical service will be installed during construction.
Photovoltaic: These permits are required for photovoltaic (solar) systems. Residential roof-mounted systems under 15kw may be issued over the counter if all submittal materials are provided. A plan review is required for all residential PV systems over 15kw, ground-mounted and commercial systems.  Get info on PV systems requirements, PV Permit Application, PV Permit Application Writable PDF, PV Submittal Requirements, the PV Checklist.

Policies and Requirements

Listed below are commonly referenced policies and requirements that may pertain to your project.

Summit County's for the 2018 International Code Council (ICC) series.

Photovoltaic Permits


Photovoltaic/Renewable Energy (solar) Permits

A photovoltaic permit is required for all PV (solar) systems installed.  All applications must be submitted in person.  This permit is in addition to any existing building permits issued.  

For 15kw systems and smaller, installed on the rooftop of a dwelling or accessory structure, the permit is issued over the counter if all materials required are submitted.  All other PV permits (ground-mounted, commercial, and systems over 15kw) will require a plan review.