Energy Information

New Construction: 

The Summit County Building Dept. has adopted 3 paths for sustainable code compliance when building a new residence. New homes must choose one of the following paths: (1) the Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home (DOE ZERH) program, (2) the 2021 IECC prescriptive option, or (3) the PV prescriptive option, as they are described in the Summit Sustainable Building Code Checklist for New SFRs. A signed copy of the checklist indicating the chosen path for compliance must be submitted along with the building permit application and construction plans when applying for a new residential building permit. Construction plans must demonstrate exactly how compliance to the chosen path will be achieved. 

If you have chosen the PV prescriptive option, please use the residential solar calculator below to estimate the size of the PV system required to offset 25% of the residence's annual energy consumption. 

Please view the Summit County amendment package for information on energy compliance for new structures designed under the IBC.  

Residential Remodels & Additions: 

Remodels and additions to detached single-family residences that are valued at $50,000 or more require an energy audit be performed at the residences and the resulting audit report must be submitted to the Building Dept. prior to building permit issuance. 

For information on energy audits, please contact High Country Conservation Center or Xcel Energy.