Summit County Building Inspections

All permitted projects are required to undergo a series of inspections to demonstrate conformance with approved contract documents. Required inspections vary with the scope of the project. See the full list of inspections we perform. 

Today's Inspections

Each inspector prepares daily route slips that include a list of all stops for the day in numerical order. Route slips are posted on eTRAKiT and here online every morning. View today's inspections (pdf).

Approved plans, and all approved changes, must be on-site for all inspections. It is important to ensure that your inspections are scheduled under the appropriate permits.

Scheduling Inspections

Inspections can be scheduled online through our web-based system, eTRAKiT. Be aware that any information you provide in the "remarks" box will be viewable to the public.

The deadline by which to schedule an inspection is 7 a.m. on the day of the inspection. We will route inspections individually to our inspection staff with consideration for location, discipline and duration. We will perform all inspections on the day for which they are scheduled.

Find out how to schedule inspections.  For helpful tips to set up an account, click here for our ETRAKiT brochure.


If an inspector's notes required corrections during your inspections, you must schedule a re-inspection prior to moving onto the next phase of your project. After you address all corrections, you can schedule the re-inspection through the same process used for the initial inspection.

A re-inspection fee may be assessed for any failed inspections. If assessed, the fee must be paid in person prior to requesting a re-inspection. Fees may be paid with cash, check or credit card.

Certificate of Occupancy

Occupancy of a home or other building is allowed after the issuance of a certificate of occupancy (C.O.). All building and technical permits must be completed prior to use or occupancy.

We issue the C.O. after approval of the final building inspection and approval by all applicable internal and referral agencies. These agencies are listed on the back of the Field Inspection Card. You must bring the card to the Building Department office once you have obtained all required signatures. You have not received your C.O. unless you have in your possession the official physical document titled, "Certificate of Occupancy."

Special Inspector Application

A qualified special inspector is required to inspect certain types of construction as determined at the time of Plan Review by the Summit County Building Department. Proposed inspectors must submit a completed special inspector application.