Plan Review

Application & Plan Review

The Building Inspection Department brings in permit applications, plans and other construction documents and routes them through all relevant internal review agencies within Summit County government.

The four internal review agencies include the Planning, Engineering, Building Inspection, and Environmental Health departments. Refer to their web pages for information on the topics they review.

Plan Review Timeline

Individual departments will contact the applicant if they need additional information. The length of time required for plan review depends on the time of year the plans are submitted and the completeness of the submitted plans. 

Permit Issuance
Once all departments have approved their reviews and the applicant has addressed any comments, the applicant is notified that the red-lined plans are available to be picked up, and the permit is ready to be issued.

Plan Changes

Any changes to approved plans must be submitted in person, to a plan reviewer at the Building Department. The applicant must provide a red-lined set of plans noting the changes, so that a plan reviewer may verify code compliance and approve the changes. The red-lines set must be returned to the job site prior to inspections.