4-H Youth Development

4-H is a community of young people across the country learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. Summit County 4-H provides a wide range of youth development activities, from fly fishing and mountain biking to rocketry, robotics and other STEM programs. Learn more about Summit County 4-H.

4-H Enrollment 

Enroll and get an entire year of 4-H clubs, activities, and programs for just $45. Get all the details on Summit County 4-H enrollment.

Summit County 4-H Updates 

Summit County 4-H updates are sent out periodically to members, volunteer leaders and parents. These updates contain information on events, projects, meetings and other news. 

Latest Summit County 4-H Update (pdf)

Document4-H Projects and Programs 

Summit County 4-H provides a wide variety of fun, educational projects and programs. Learn more about the projects we offer.

Volunteer Leaders for Summit County 4-H

Summit County 4-H is recruiting new volunteer leaders who would enjoy sharing a hobby, skill or interest with children and teens ages 5 to 18. We are seeking volunteers who could provide instruction in visual arts, camping, sewing, photography, cooking, STEM programs, hiking and more. Learn more about becoming a 4-H Volunteer Leader.

4-H in Summit County - Summit Daily News Article

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About 4-H

The Summit County 4-H Youth Development Program is a growing, evolving organization of youth, volunteers and salaried staff who work together to provide a safe environment where local 4-H youth develop life skills. Summit County 4-H has relationships with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Colorado State University (CSU - the state’s land-grant university), CSU Extension and Summit County government. With public- and private-sector funding, the programs are research-based, age-appropriate and designed for experiential learning. 4-H Youth Development programs are open to all economic, social and cultural groups, for youth ages 5-18. 

The Four H’s 

Head, heart, hands and health are the four H’s in 4-H, and they are the four values members work on through fun and engaging programs. 
Head: clear thinking and decision making, knowledge useful throughout life 
Heart: loyalty, strong personal values, positive self-concept, concern for others 
Hands: community service, workforce preparedness, useful skills 
Health: good living, healthy lifestyles 

The 4-H Pledge  

I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to great loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world. 

Promesa 4-H:

Official Pledge translated by the U.S. State Department
Prometo usar mi mente para pensar con más claridad, mi corazón para ser más leal, mis manos para ser más servicial, mi salud para cuidarme más, por mi club, mi comunidad, mi país y mi mundo.

The 4-H Value Set

  • We believe that youth development is the focus of everything we do.  
  • We believe youth/adult partnerships are essential to successful youth development. 
  • We believe that volunteerism is fundamental.
  • We believe in the strength attained from diversity across the entire range of 4-H experiences.
Summit County 4-H Council Club By-Laws

Document (8)4-H Projects 

Summit County 4-H offers over 25 different projects, including 4-H STEM, horses, sewing, fly fishing, archery, mountain biking and more. All 4-H clubs have a 4-H adult volunteer leader who specializes in that project and enjoys working with youth. In 4-H projects, youth members learn life skills while learning the hands-on skill of the project. 

Parental Involvement

The most successful 4-H members have the interest and support of their parents. You can advise your child in selecting appropriate 4-H projects and show interest and enthusiasm for the selected projects. We request that parents stay up to date by reading 4-H weekly emails and other information that comes to your family.

Parents can also offer to assist existing volunteer project leaders, serve as a volunteer leader, or volunteer to lead a project in an area of your interest or expertise.

4-H Code of Conduct

All 4-H members, leaders, and clubs are expected to abide by the Colorado 4-H Code of Conduct (pdf).

Member and Club Commitment

4-H members are expected to participate in all or most of the 4-H project meetings throughout the year. When a child misses several classes, it is difficult to catch up with the rest of the participants. 4-H leaders and clubs are more productive and effective when their 4-H members are all working at the same stage on their projects.

Document (9)Community Service Projects
All 4-H Members are expected to participate in at least one community service project hosted by Summit County 4-H each year. 
4-H Participants in an Open Space and Trails project

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