DRRA and Recpath Capacity Analysis

DocumentRecreation Capacity Analysis of the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area and Summit County Recreational Pathway System

The Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area (DRRA) and Summit County Recreational Pathway system (Recpath) are popular recreational amenities for resident and visitors alike. Increasing usage at these publicly managed recreational sites and facilities presents numerous challenges related to public safety, impacts to infrastructure and natural resources, as well as a potentially diminished user experience. In response to increasing demands and evolving usage patterns, the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee and Summit County Open Space and Trails Department  conducted a comprehensive analysis aimed at quantifying recreational use within the DRRA and on the Recpath system, evaluating carrying capacity of these facilities, assessing user experience, and developing recommendations for managing ongoing and future capacity issues and challenges.

This analysis and report update and expand upon a previous DRRA capacity analysis completed in 2012. While the previous capacity analysis focused on segments of the Recpath system within the DRRA, this analysis includes the full 55 miles of Recpath system managed by the County and towns of Frisco, Breckenridge, Dillon, and Silverthorne. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative tools, this capacity analysis and report include data collected from stakeholder interviews, intercept surveys, an online survey, general observations, and Recpath trail counters.