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Property Information Search & Maps
Before most land use questions can be answered, it is important to know the zoning and setback requirements of a property. To determine the zoning for your property, or to find other helpful information, use the interactive Property Information Search and Maps Tool

Interactive Property Search and Mapping Tool 

Go to the Property Information Search and Maps Tool, where you’ll find a map of Summit County. Click the “Accept” button on the “Summit County Disclaimer” to proceed to the map. 

  1. On the right-hand side, under “Search Options,” select a method of locating the parcel You can search by owner, street name, subdivision, schedule number, or PPI (Permanent Parcel Identification) number.
  2. Enter information requested in the window that opens immediately below “Search Options” and then click the “Submit” button. Please note that if searching by address, first enter the street name without the suffix or number, and then click “Submit”.
  3. If you entered a specific schedule or parcel number, the map will highlight the parcel. If you used another search method, a list of choices will appear below the search box. In that case, select the street, owner, or subdivision that pops up, and then click the property from the list that populates below.
  4. Once your parcel is highlighted on the map, go to the “Table of Contents” menu on the left side of the page, select the check box to the left of word “Zoning” and the map will automatically refresh to display the Zoning layer. The zoning designations are labeled on the map. There is also a zoom function on the menu bar to the right of the Table of Contents if you need to adjust the scale of the map.
  5. If you want to see ownership and Assessor’s data for a property, click on the “I” (Identify Parcel) button at the top of the page and then click on the property you want information for. A table with property details will appear at the bottom of the page. Click the “Get Detail Data” button if you would like to view additional Assessor’s data for the selected property.
If you still are unsure about the zoning of a property, call the Planning Department at 970-668-4200. We will need as much information as possible about the property, depending on the location:
  • For properties in platted subdivisions, provide a legal description of the property (subdivision, filing number, lot and block number).
  • For properties in unplatted subdivisions, provide a physical address.
  • If the property is described by metes and bounds, provide the schedule number. If this is not available, the section number, township, range and quarter section will help us locate the property.
  • For patented mining claims, the name(s) of the mining claim can be helpful.
For a description of the different types of zoning, see Section 3300 of Chapter 3 (pdf) in the Summit County Land Use and Development Code or call the Planning Department.

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