Summit County Short-Term Rental Complaints

To report non-emergency issues concerning a short-term rental (STR) property in Unincorporated Summit County, contact the Complaint Hotline online or by phone. 

Non-emergency issues may include noise, parking violations, occupancy-limit violations, pet issues, feeding wildlife, trash issues or other code violations. For emergency issues, please dial 911.

Unincorporated Summit County STRs

The Complaint Hotline is available 24/7 to assist with resolving STR complaints in Unincorporated Summit County. 

How to Submit a Complaint

Please choose the appropriate jurisdiction where the rental property is located from the list of hotline numbers found on this page. Unincorporated Summit County's hotline is 970-486-1444

If you choose to submit your complaint online, you have the option to upload a maximum of three images or videos, up to 10 MB each. We will not accept anonymous submittals.

STR Mapping Tool

You must provide the legal address of the STR property. 

You can use our parcel query tool to confirm the address.  

Or you can use the new interactive mapping tool to help locate a specific STR property or license number:

If you have an emergency, do not call the STR Complaint Hotline – call 911.

What to Expect

When you file a complaint through the hotline, the service will contact the Responsible Agent for the specified property. The Responsible Agent will then have 60 minutes to respond with a resolution.

If the issue has not been resolved after an hour, please contact non-emergency dispatch at 970-668-8600.

Filing a Formal Complaint

If a Responsible Agent fails to respond to complaints within the required 60-minute timeframe and/or complaints are unresolved, you can file a formal complaint with Summit County via email.

Summary of Complaints

A current chart of substantiated complaints received in unincorporated Summit County can be found here.  This sheet will be posted and updated when new complaints have been recorded. The list shows a break down by zone, neighborhoods and basins.

A notice is meant as the first communication and offers the Responsible Agent an opportunity to resolve the issue to avoid further complaints.  A warning is given when there is evidence of continuing problems with complaints at the property.  A violation is generally issued along with a citation from the Sheriff's Office.

Complaint Hotline Numbers:

  • Unincorporated Summit County:
  • 970-486-1444
  • Breckenridge:  970-423-5334
  • Blue River: 970-668-8600
  • Dillon:  970-368-7482
  • Frisco:  970-432-8291
  • Silverthorne:  970-406-4499
Online Complaint Submissions:

Click here to submit a complaint online (Unincorporated Summit County Only) Please note that no anonymous complaints will be accepted.

Report an Unregistered STR

To report a suspected unregistered short-term rental property, call 970-668-4186.