911 IT Team

The Summit County 911 Center is staffed with 9 fulltime 911 Information Technicians who are responsible for a large variety of tasks ranging from radio systems communications for all of the public safety agencies in Summit County to electronic records administration. The 911 IT staff provide 24/7/365 on-call support coverage to the dispatch center and our participating agencies.

IT Administration
Working closely with the Summit County IS staff, the 911 IT staff are responsible for all of the server administration and maintenance for the communications center. This includes administrating and maintaining servers, databases, and client hardware for the 911 dispatch center, 911 phone trunk administration, design and maintenance of all security and networking equipment, and critical emergency backup power systems for radio sites and the 911 dispatch center. Also responsible for dispatch software administration, mapping software administration; independent interface software development, web development, digital voice recording for incident requests, and maintaining strict security protocols for state and national crime reporting.

Radio Communications
The 911 IT staff are responsible for the radio communications for all public safety agencies in Summit County, including all fire and EMS districts; law enforcement agencies and Animal Control; Search and Rescue; and Road and Bridge. The communications technicians are responsible for maintaining 8 different radio communication towers and sites in the county. These sites include radio equipment, radio links, mobile data equipment, state 800 DTR, national weather broadcast equipment, UHF and Microwave links/equipment. Other radio communications responsibilities include maintaining radio equipment for county Fire, EMS, and Law agencies; radio programming; systems integration; frequency spectrum management; maintaining mobile data terminals for Law, Fire, and EMS; inventory management; and troubleshooting any radio or data communication issues.

Service Support
Our 911 IT staff are also responsible for assisting not only in the 911 center, but also for providing assistance to each of our participating agencies.