Animal Related Diseases

Animal Related Diseases (Zoonosis)

Animal related diseases (Zoonotic) are diseases that can be carried from animals or insects to humans. One example is the mosquito. However, there are many others that may also be carriers of very harmful diseases. It is important to understand these relationships in order to reduce the transmission of disease.

Diseases Carried by Rodents & Other Mammals:

Diseases Carried by Insects:

It is important to understand that specific insects and mammals carry only certain diseases. For example, most mosquitoes do not carry disease, rather they are nuisance insects. Only a specific type of mosquito carries West Nile Virus.

Bed bugs are nuisance insects as well but they have not been shown to carry any human disease. We have information on removing bed bugs. Please read this document for guidance on safely using insecticides.

The Environmental Health Department receives several calls per year regarding bed bugs in rental properties. Unfortunately the Department has no jurisdiction in residential homes or apartments. You may want to seek legal advice for renters in these cases.