Restaurant Inspections

Summit County Environmental Health publishes inspection reports for restaurants, fast food operations, delis, markets, cafeterias, convenience stores and other types of retail food establishments we have inspected.

We strongly encourage the reporting of any suspected food borne illness. Please call us at 970-668-4070 to report any suspected problems.

Many factors enter into your choice of where to eat: atmosphere, price, type of food and its flavor, as well as service. One factor that is difficult for the public to assess is the attention paid to food safety in the preparation of the meal. Food safety is particularly important if you are in poor health or on immune-suppressing medications. 

On any given day, any retail food establishment could have a failure in food safety practices that could lead to foodborne illness, no matter what kind of inspection results or ratings it may have received. Consumers should be aware of critical food safety issues described on this site in order to further assist in making dining decisions.

For more information about our inspections, see our Food Safety page.

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