Healthy Homes

DocumentOne environment which we spend a large majority of our time in is our homes. Therefore, it is important that we take steps to prevent, promote and protect the health of those living in our homes. This site is designed to help provide guidance and education on enhancing the health of your home environment. Please be aware that Summit County Environmental Health has little to no authority over private homes or rental properties.

Do-It-Yourself Home Assessment App 

Check out a very useful tool to conduct an in-home health assessment on your own. The app helps identify health concerns in the home, provides possible remedies, and prioritizes the health risks of concern. Use your computer or mobile phone to complete the Home Assessment.

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist

Home maintenance is essential to have a safe and healthy home environment. When home maintenance is kept up to date individuals in the home may be less likely to experience unfavorable environmental health outcomes. Use the links below to access a healthy home checklist that may be used routinely in inspecting your own home and the possible costs associated with home maintenance projects.

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist (English)

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist (Spanish)

Costs for Creating a Healthier Home (English)

In addition to the items addressed on the checklist Environmental Health also recommends:

  • Radon- Visit the Environmental Health Radon page for info regarding radon in your home and to pick up your free radon test kit.
  • Drinking Water- Visit the Environmental Health Drinking Water page for info regarding your homes drinking water quality.  If you are on a private well, EPA recommends testing the water quality annually for coliform bacteria and nitrates. SCEH can process water samples.
  • Septic Systems- Septic tanks should be pumped every 2-4 years depending on usage. Effluent filters (if applicable) should be cleaned annually.  Tanks must be pumped by a licensed cleaner.
  • Meth Contaminated Homes- Illegal use or manufacturing of meth in a home can create an unhealthy environment for residents and must be cleaned up to state standards when identified.
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