Certified Use Permits

OWTS Use Permits

Permit for continued use of an existing Onsite Wastewater Treatment System  

The life expectancy of an onsite wastewater treatment system is about 30 years. Many systems in the County are approaching or exceed this threshold. With 10-20% of systems found to be malfunctioning, this is could be a serious problem. In an effort to keep the County's ground water supply safe, this law was adopted to aide in identifying malfunctioning systems.  

Failing OWTS rates over time based on Use Permit inspection results

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A Use Permit is required at point of sale and/or major remodel of all properties which utilize an onsite wastewater treatment system.  An inspection shall be conducted of the system and a Use Permit shall be issued based on the inspection results.  In cases of malfunction, repairs will be required prior to issuing the Use Permit.

This law is a beneficial tool to the Environmental Health Department in detecting malfunctioning onsite wastewater treatment systems.  It also benefits both the buyer and seller involved in a property transaction. The buyer benefits by knowing that the system has been inspected and necessary corrections have been made. The seller benefits by having the condition of the system documented for prospective buyers. 

Certified Use Permit Inspectors

Use Permit Inspectors are certified (NAWT or equivalent) and approved by this Department. Only these Approved Use Permit Inspectors are authorized to perform the Use Permit Inspections.

The Use Permit Inspector you choose should provide you with the portion of the inspection form to be completed by owner or agent. The inspector will conduct the inspection and submit the report to Environmental Health for review and subsequent issuance or denial of the Use Permit.

In the case of a malfunctioning system, other forms may be required before the Use Permit can be issued. Copies of the forms used in these instances are below. Please contact Environmental Health with further questions regarding Use Permit requirements.