Operating Permits

OWTS Operating Permits

Summit County OWTS Regulations require owners of Higher Level Treatment (HLT) Systems to maintain an Operating Permit with the Department for the life of the system. These systems must be maintained by a certified wastewater professional or they will fail. Failure can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and environmental pollution.

In order to obtain this permit, the home owner will submit an application, the required fees and a contract demonstrating that they have a qualified professional overseeing the system performance.

Owners of HLT systems will be required to obtain an Operating Permit:

  1. At the time of system installation, repair, alteration, or upgrade,
  2. At the time of the expiration of the operation and maintenance service contract,
  3. When a transfer of the property occurs, and
  4. By July 1, 2017 for existing HLT systems
Owners will be notified in writing of the need to obtain the permit and given reasonable time to comply. Failure to obtain or renew an Operating Permit will result in the owner being assessed financial penalties due to the risk of environmental pollution.

An Operating Permit is effective for the term of the maintenance contract so it benefits the owner to agree to a longer term contract.
For more information on Operating Permits call the office at 970 668-4070.