About Us

About Summit County Housing Department

The Housing Department works in collaboration with many community partners and neighboring jurisdictions to implement the County’s housing-related goals and strategies, and to increase the stock of local affordable workforce housing.

Key Functions

The key functions of the Summit County Housing Department include affordable workforce housing development, asset acquisition, asset management and policy and strategy development.

Affordable Workforce Housing Development

The Housing Department is responsible for all phases of affordable workforce housing development from conceptualization to implementation, including the following:

  • Identify potential development opportunities and acquire land suitable for development;
  • Coordinate preparation of site-specific development plans, entitlements and building permitting;
  • Coordinate with ongoing private development for housing opportunities;
  • Arrange for project financing, including applicable federal and state grants and loan programs;
  • Seek out, develop and maintain partnerships with nonprofit, corporate, private and governmental entities;
  • Prepare and manage consultant and construction contracts;
  • Manage construction projects;
  • Provide and coordinate new rental or purchase opportunities for locals.
Asset Acquisition and Management

The Housing Department actively manages the county’s affordable workforce housing assets by:

  • Identifying potential workforce housing sites;
  • Acquiring and entitling properties to be used for affordable ownership and rental housing;
  • Providing supervision and technical expertise for rental properties owned by the County;
  • Ensuring compliance with all covenants and deed restrictions where the County is the beneficiary;
  • Maintaining properties consistent with the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act and Summit County’s ownership goals.
Policy and Strategy Development

The Housing Department works directly with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on all policies and strategies affecting affordable workforce housing in Summit County. The Housing Department works closely with other county agencies including, but not limited to, Planning, Building Inspections, Public Works, Road and Bridge, Sustainability and Summit Combined Housing Authority.