580 Silverthorne Lane

The County began leasing the former hotel building at 580 Silverthorne Ln in the spring of 2023. Prior to the County beginning the lease, the building owner completed renovations to convert many of the units from hotel rooms to apartments. Renovations include remaking the continental breakfast lobby and some of the hotel amenities into shared kitchen space and tenant common area. Some rooms have been fitted with new efficiency kitchens and rooms which already had kitchens have seen new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances. All bathrooms and much of the flooring has been updated as well.

There are a total of 52 units in the building, including an onsite managers suite. Currently, we have the option to provide the following room types: Hotel room, studio, 1 bedroom suite with kitchen and living area, 2-bedroom suite with kitchen and living area, and 3-bedroom suite with kitchen and living area. Out of the 52 units, we have 35 available to the public and the remaining 17 units are split between local government entities, businesses, and non-profits.

We saw very high demand for the public units. There were 212 applicants for the public rooms available and a lottery system was used to award rooms to applicants. The County’s current lease on the building expires in January 2025 with an optional 12-month extension. If you are interested in getting on a waitlist for this property, please visit

165 High Tor Rd

The County purchased this property in partnership with the Town of Breckenridge in the fall of 2022. The former owner of this hotel had completed many updates and renovations to the common spaces and individual rooms on the property. There are 38 hotel rooms, a common kitchen, and additional common space for meals. During our ownership we have constructed additional secure storage space for tenants and made improvements to the utilities on the property. We intend to continue leasing these rooms to county employees and local businesses.

Alpine Inn

In June 2021 the County began Master Leasing the Alpine Inn in Frisco, a 38 room hotel, for long term rental to local workers.  The County is using 6 units as transitional housing for County staff with the remainder of the rooms being leased to local workers and businesses. When the hotel opened up for leasing there was strong demand with over 200 people inquiring about renting a room.  The first term of the lease expired on 6/30/22.  The County recently extended the lease for another year and continues to see strong demand for the rooms.  If you are interested in getting on a waitlist for a room at the Alpine Inn please email [email protected] .

Huron Landing

Summit County & Town of Breckenridge partnered to build 26 Rental Units at 157 Huron Rd. in Breckenridge. This project was completed in 2017.  To find out more information about availability and pricing for the units please go here.  


The Village at Wintergreen is a community of 196 rental units on more than 28 acres in Keystone, offering a variety of housing types to a range of income levels. Gorman & Co., Vail Resorts, Summit County and the Summit Combined Housing Authority broke ground on the project in August 2018. 

Wintergreen offers a mix of rental unit types and affordability levels, allowing a local worker to progress through their career and life, moving from one unit type to another within the same community. Gorman is developer; Vail Resorts made the land available. Wintergreen Apartments are being leased by Corum Real Estate. For info about leasing go to or email [email protected].

Long-Term Rental Units

Rents on 120 of the units are capped to an average rental rate of 100 percent Area Median Income (AMI). These long-term rental units include one- and two-bedroom apartments; the homes will be available only to those working at least 30 hours per week on an annual basis in Summit County.

Affordable Housing Rental Units

The Wintergreen LIHTC Apartments are 40 units of the project designated for local workers earning 30-60 percent AMI. Summit County provided Gorman & Co. with a $300,000 loan in support of the Wintergreen Apartments, and the Summit Combined Housing Authority partnered with the developer to enable a property tax exemption for this portion of the project. These two partnerships were instrumental in Gorman and Company’s successful application for 9 percent Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) from the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA). 

In a spring 2016 analysis of the Summit County market, just 1 percent of rental listings were priced for household earning 60 percent AMI or less. "Getting a rental housing development to pencil out financially in Summit County is no easy task, especially at these AMI levels," County Commissioner Dan Gibbs said. "We're really grateful that Gorman wanted to take this on, and we're proud to partner with them to help bring the project to fruition. We also want to thank all the people at CHFA who worked so hard to help make this happen. They embraced the vision for Wintergreen and supported this effort to do something quite special."

Seasonal Rental Units

A 36-unit component of the project addresses the need for seasonal employee housing needs at Keystone Resort, which also helps keep the long-term rental units available for locals.

Additional Resources for Renters

For more information on other rental properties in Summit County, visit the Summit Combined Housing Authorities Resources for Renters page here.