Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a functional unit of the Information Systems Department. GIS responsibilities include developing and maintaining geospatial information, addressing, road and project naming, mapping, and spatial analysis.

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GIS Detailed Responsibilities

Developing & Maintaining Geospatial Information
GIS staff are responsible for developing and maintaining geospatial (map- or location-based) data that is used by many Summit County departments and other local, state, and federal government departments. This data is used for property assessment, 9-1-1 communications and emergency response, community and emergency planning, and many other county functions where location is key.


GIS is also responsible for assigning addresses, ensuring that newly named development projects and roads have unique, non-duplicated names.

Summit County has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the incorporated towns located in the county to assist in providing this important service. Property address information is one of the key components used to assist the delivery of government-provided services.

Road & Project Naming

Summit County government has adopted regulations requiring new roads and development projects to have unique names. These regulations assist in identification of locations for emergency response agencies, delivery, and other services.

GIS is responsible for reviewing and approving proposed road and project names as part of Summit County’s development review process.

Mapping & Spatial Analysis

GIS is also responsible for using geospatial data to assist other county departments to develop maps and performing spatial analysis that assists them in delivering the services for which they are responsible.

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