The Summit County Engineering Department performs erosion control and finished grading inspections for all permitted projects including:

  • Single and multifamily residential construction
  • Commercial, industrial and institutional construction
  • Road and RecPath construction
  • Subdivision improvements including drainage installations
  • Resort projects where grading permits are required 
Scheduling Inspections

The Engineering Department will conduct inspections within 48 hours of the inspection request. Please be aware that inspections will not be performed during office hours. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-12pm. To schedule an inspection please call 970-668-4200.

Inspection Standards

Erosion control and grading are subject to the following standards:

Erosion Control Standards

Erosion control inspections are performed prior to the issuance of permits. Review typical erosion control Best Management Practices (BMP’s) (pdf). The following erosion control standards shall be met on all projects in Summit County requiring earth disturbance:

  • Sediment transport in runoff shall be prevented by straw logs, silt fence, check dams, sediment ponds, or some combination of these BMPs.
  • Erosion of finished grades shall be prevented by proper grading, vegetation, or retaining structures.
  • Vehicle tracking pads shall be installed to prevent sediment from being transported from sites onto adjoining roadways.
  • Roadways and ditches in public rights-of-way shall be kept clean at all times.
  • Concrete washout areas shall be provided on private properties where development takes place involving concrete placement.
Final Grading Standards 

Finished conditions for all projects shall consist of the following:

  • Finished grades according to the plans approved for the project
  • Re-vegetation of all disturbed slopes, driveway construction according to the approved plans and County standards
  • Permanent and temporary erosion controls (including straw netting or approved alternate on slopes greater than 2:1)
  • Retaining wall approval letters from the engineer of record on the project for all walls over 4-feet in height
  • Site cleanup
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