The Engineering Department administers the following permits:

Grading and Excavation Permits

Grading and Excavation (GE) permits are required any time earth disturbance is proposed in excess of 500 square feet, in accordance with the rules and standards established in Chapter 6 of the Code.  Exempted projects must still meet the water quality and grading standards established in the Code and the Grading and Excavation Manual.

Floodplain Development Permits
Floodplain Development Permits (FDPs) are required any time that fill or structural improvements are proposed in the regulatory floodplain. The regulatory floodplain is that area shown on the approved FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs).  These maps are available on the FEMA website (see quick links) or in the County Engineer’s office.  See the link below for FDP submittal requirements and information. More complete and detailed information on floodplain management regulations and procedures can be found in Chapter 4  of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code.

Wetland Disturbance Permits
Wetland Disturbance Permits (WDPs) are required any time that a wetland is disturbed within unincorporated Summit County.  Wetlands are regulated in Summit County according to the rules and standards promulgated in Chapter 7, Section 7105 et seq of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code.  The following link provides the submittal requirements for a wetland disturbance permit:

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