Public Works


The Engineering Department administers the county's floodplain regulations, road and bridge standards, grading and excavation regulations and water quality standards.

Facilities Maintenance

Learn about the Facilities Maintenance Department and its responsibilities.

Landfill & Recycling

The Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) includes a landfill, recycling facility and compost operations.

Road & Bridge

Snow removal and winter maintenance are some of the most important functions of the Summit County Road and Bridge Department. Our staff plows and maintains 290 lane-miles of road. Summit County does not maintain state highways, streets in incorporated towns or private roads. County roads are categorized on a priority basis, and the roads with the highest priority are plowed first. Arterial roads, such as the Dillon Dam Road, Swan Mountain Road and school bus routes, receive priority maintenance. Secondary priority is given to collector roads through subdivisions, followed by other lower volume roads.

Snake River WWTP

The Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the Snake River Valley, including Summit Cove and Keystone.

Weed Control

The Summit County Weed Control Department identifies and manages noxious weeds on County lands, works with partner agencies on their weed control, and conducts community outreach and education.