Road Right of Way

The county road right of way averages 60 feet in width. The driven portion of the roadway varies anywhere from 22-24 feet in width. The area outside of the driven portion of the roadway is designated for ditches and drainage systems, snow storage, signage and utilities. At times, it is necessary to plow snow well off the roadway within this right of way to make room for the next snowstorm. Homeowners and residents need to know where their property line is in relation to this right of way so as to not place landscaping, fencing or any other improvement(s) where it then becomes a roadside hazard and liability. The county is not responsible for, nor does it accept liability for, any improvement(s) a homeowner or resident places beyond their property line and into the right of way.

Road & Bridge Standards

The Summit County Road and Bridge Standards establish a uniform road development policy throughout Summit County and provide a clear statement of the procedures for road and bridge construction. The purpose and intent of these policies and procedures is to provide safe, attractive travel corridors, efficient traffic flow, and efficient maintenance.

Protecting Utilities

Utility companies mark power boxes and telephone pedestals to protect them from damage by snowplows in the winter. Your cooperation in leaving the markers intact will greatly benefit Road and Bridge and utility companies.


When installing your roadside mailbox, it is important that your mailbox does not become a roadside hazard. Please contact Road and Bridge for information on best installation placement and construction practices.

Driveway Restrictions

When paving or constructing your driveway, bear in mind that only one 18-24 foot wide (flare to flare) access to the county road system is allowed. Parking pads are not allowed within the county right of way. Courtesy inspections are done at no charge for county residents prior to paving any access.

Right of Way Permits: Pay Online