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Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is owned and operated by the Snake River Wastewater Utility, which is an enterprise fund established by the Summit County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). This facility is located at the confluence of Soda Creek and the Snake River Arm of Dillon Reservoir near Summit Cove.


The Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant provides wastewater service to permanent residents and seasonal visitors in the Snake River Valley in and around the Keystone Resort. Since the Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 1974, continued development in the Utility’s service area has required a series of seven major construction projects to improve or expand the treatment facilities. The last project was completed in 2015.

The treatment facilities have been used effectively since 1974 to remove not only suspended solids and oxygen-demanding substances but have also provided a high level of phosphorous removal to prevent degradation of Dillon Reservoir’s water quality and aesthetic attributes.

The utility also is responsible for the wastewater collection system that provides service to much of the Snake River Valley. The collection system is comprised of over 40 miles of sewer piping, the majority of which flows by gravity to the Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant. The utility performs regular inspections of the entire collection system and makes repairs as necessary. The collection system maintenance program has controlled groundwater infiltration to the extent that it does not significantly impact the amount of available treatment capacity.

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Service Record

The Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant has been operated very effectively over its history to produce an effluent quality in compliance with state and federal regulatory agency discharge permit limits. In addition, the plant staff is committed to producing the best possible effluent quality achievable using the technology available to them at the Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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